Research has shown that Whole Brain® Thinking enhances the collaboration, productivity, and performance of individuals and teams.  Remarkable results can be achieved by applying it to strategic thinking, creative problem solving, decision making, communication, and other organizational challenges.

Understanding and appreciating different thinking styles can change the way you interact with co-workers and customers as well as others around you and help build trust in all relationships. 

Based on the Whole Brain® Thinking methodology used by successful organizations around the world, The Business of Thinking ® Series encompasses individual half-day workshop modules that can be implemented according to your needs and structure.

As a Certified HBDI® Practitioner, ITP Leadership Inc.  offers three foundational workshops:

1) Introduction: Start Thinking

Start Thinking is a half-day workshop that lays the foundation for individuals to understand their thinking preferences.  In addition to introducing Whole Brain® Thinking concepts and their application to everyday business, it also includes a review of the participant’s Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) profile and focuses on thinking preferences.

During the workshop participants will:

  • Define and describe the Whole Brain® Model, which is the basis of the HBDI®
  • Examine how preferences affect behaviors in planning, work and communication
  • Explore how the participant’s behavior reflects these styles
  • Receive and understand their HBDI® profile results.

2) Application: ThinkAbout Teams

A team is usually formed because one person cannot do it alone, and Whole Brain® teams can bring tremendous value to an organization.  In one example, a company found that teams comprising the full spectrum of thinking styles were 66% more effective than homogeneous teams.  But if it is not structured or managed properly, the “team” can end up being just a collection of people working alone.

While teams succeed or struggle for a variety of reasons, one critical success factor is how well the team takes advantage of its available thinking preference to take on challenges and tasks.  Whole Brain® Thinking can dramatically impact the ability of a team to unleash and combine the best thinking and talents of individual team members so that the team works together as a whole – one that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Explore the advantages of using Whole Brain® Thinking in team situations
  • Use the HBDI®Team Profile data to explain the collective strengths and challenges of the team in terms of its interactions with each other and its performance
  • Describe what a team needs to have in place to take a Whole Brain® Thinking approach to its interactions and work
  • Use a Team Planning Walk-Around tool to identify, sort by quadrant, and assign the action items needed to complete a task or project.

3) Application: ThinkAbout Communicating

Many of the day-to-day business problems we face are communication problems or are the result of poor communication.  In customer-facing as well as internal functions, “getting through to” people of the same and different thinking styles is critical to personal and organization effectiveness.  That is why a variety of organizations are using Whole Brain® Thinking as the basis for a “common language” to improve communication skills, and they are reporting such measurable business results as a 66% reduction in calls to a supervisor, a 21% increase in after-tax profits and leading the market in customer satisfaction rates.

During this half-day workshop, participants will discuss the impact their thinking preferences have on the way they communicate.  They will then learn to communicate more effectives using the Whole Brain® Communicator and practice communicating from all four quadrants of the Whole Brain® Model.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Explore the impact thinking preferences have on the way people communicate
  • Identify others’ thinking preferences in relation to your preferences and the situation
  • Learn how to communicate with anyone, about anything, at any time, with better understanding
  • Use the Whole Brain® Communicator to plan your own written and oral communications

Supplemental Business of Thinking® Series Modules are available on the topics of Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Your Customer based upon your needs.  You can mix and match modules according to individual, team or business needs.

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