The following assessments can be administered, debriefed and used as part of a coaching engagement. Some can also be used for increasing team performance. Please contact me for further information and to determine which assessment will best support your needs.

Dynamix® dynamix.jpeg
An assessment of communications style which allows the participant to identify the different factors that impact their performance, Dynamix® assesses self-awareness as well as awareness of others. It allows the participant to identify their strengths and any areas where there could be improvement. Creatin this understanding allows the participant to adjust their actions and reactions.
This assessment can also be provided as a team to focus on increasing team performance or on an individual basis for more detailed coaching.

A personality assessment used to explain the differences between individuals in terms of their motivations, attitudes, and preferred ways of work to determine what they can achieve. This assessment was designed by psychologists specifically to use within organizations to assess the Big 5 building blocks of personality: Will, Energy, Affection, Control and Emotionality.
At an individual level, Facet 5 can help you to increase your own self-awareness of how you work best and what motivates you. At a team level, Facet 5 TeamScape can help the team gain a better understanding of how they work together, what drives them and supports the development or actions plans to increase team effectiveness.

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi 2.0) scores the participant on the five (5) different aspects of emotional intelligence: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Stress Management, Decision Making and Interpersonal. These results assist the participant in understanding their own workplace performance. When working with a coach, 2-3 elements that you are interested in improving will be selected and development objectives will be defined. These will be worked on throughout the coaching engagement. The assessment can then be taken again to measure the progress.

The EQi 2.0 assessment can be furthered to include a 360 assessment. This assessment allows the participant’s performance to be evaluated from various perspectives: their own, their leader’s, their peer’s, their direct report’s and possibly their friend’s or family’s. The 360 assessment determines the emotional intelligence of the participant using their own perspective and the perspective of others. This can support the participant in the identification of blind spots they may otherwise be unaware of and help them to focus on the development that will make the greatest impact.

Research has shown that Whole Brain® Thinking enhances the collaboration, productivity, and performance of individuals and teams. Remarkable results can be achieved by applying it to strategic thinking, creative problem solving, decision making, communication, and other organizational challenges.

Understanding and appreciating your own different thinking styles can change the way you interact with co-workers and customers as well as others around you and help build trust in all relationships.

Based on the Whole Brain® Thinking methodology used by successful organizations around the world, The Business of Thinking ® Series encompasses individual half-day workshop modules that can be implemented according to your needs and structure.