We have successfully delivered workshops, in English and in French on a variety of leadership topics including Trust, Collaboration, Building Teams, Emotional Intelligence and various other topics. We can deliver your content or work with you to customize a workshop to meet your needs.

We have a particular focus and expertise on the following:

1) Delivering workshops for Managers who want to learn how to coach their employees for improved performance.

Coaching Excellence is an Award-Winning program designed specifically to develop Coaching skills for Manager. This 1-day workshop has the following Learning Objectives:

  • Understand your natural coaching ability and style.
  • Determine when to coach and not to coach.
  • Understand the Foundations of Coaching.
  • Learn how to use the GROW model for coaching conversations.
  • Develop coaching skills - listening, powerful questioning, acknowledgement.

In addition to the workshop, participants will receive 4 Group Coaching Calls that will provide the additional support to sustain the learnings from the workshop.
The program can be delivered as a closed program if you want to bring this into your organization.
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2) Situational Leadership®
Francine Piché, MBA, CPCC, PCC is certified trainer working with ShadowLight Global to deliver the well-known Situational Leadership® Essentials program created by The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS).

Through ShadowLight’s partnership with CLS, we train individuals, managers, teams, and executives on the Situational Leadership® framework that was developed by Dr. Paul Hersey. This model is relevant more than ever as it provides a repeatable process for matching leadership behaviors to the performance needs of those being influenced.

To understand more about the training and learning outcomes highlighted below, please contact ShadowLight Global: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Learning Outcomes:
Situational Leadership® Essentials teaches first-time and mid-level managers to flex and adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of others:

  • Achieve clarity and alignment by understanding team members’ priorities and tasks and communicating expectations.
  • Match your leadership approach to the corresponding needs of an individual for a specific task.
  • Avoid underleading and overleading by recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership is ineffective.
  • Respond to change by maintaining an awareness of team members’ changing circumstances and performance needs.
  • Build trust over time by correctly diagnosing a situation, adapting to others’ needs and leveraging open, two-way communication.

This program can be delivered in English and French.

3) Trust

Trust, the foundation of all relationships.

Today’s organizations bring together people of different ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, people with varying life experiences, education, information sources, styles of thinking and problem solving. This amazing diversity can drive breakthrough innovation and performance when people trust each other.

Strong trust translates into engagement, commitment, accountability, innovation, performance, and, ultimately, results that exceed expectations. Strong trust delivers success and wellbeing at work. When people trust each other, ideas and information flow quickly and freely. People are open, creative and supportive. They coordinate action effectively to get the right things done fast and well. People who trust each other consistently deliver exceptional results.

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